It’s ok if you have absolutely NO IDEA what’s in fashion anymore given most of us spent the past year in an oversized t-shirt and yoga pants. In fact, all I know is that apparently skinny jeans are no longer in style. So, what is trending now? Well, a lot of things you might remember from the early 2000s. Here are the ones we love best:

  • Sheer: When done tastefully, sheer layers can be elegant and classy. Just be sure to snap a photo (with a flash) before you leave the house to double check yourself and avoid any red carpet faux-pas.
  • Puffy Sleeves: A little volume goes along way when it comes to sleeves. Plus it’s one of the only things people actually see on your Zoom calls. Make it count.
  • Pastels: Mix and match all the pretty colors for a cotton candy dream look or stay monochrome. Either way we are loving this palate.
  • Wide Leg Trousers: Ok, so we aren’t giving away our skinny jeans yet (sorry Gen Z), but wide leg trousers are one of those closet staples that always look fresh and put together.