February is here and Valentine’s celebrations are in full throttle. Maybe you’re spending the night under the radar watching a Netflix movie or maybe you’re heading out on the town. Whether you’re celebrating with a serious boo, testing the waters with a new fling, or making it a Galentine’s Day, we want you to feel confident as you celebrate love. Here are some tips for how to accomplish our favorite Valentine’s Day looks:



You don’t have to be thirty to be flirty and thriving! To achieve this softer look, get familiar with all shades of pink. We recommend using Aveda’s earth rose trio palette to achieve that soft and shimmery look on your eyes. It includes a soft, baby pink color for your lid, a warm, matte pink for your crease, and a warm brown to give your eye that flirty contour. We also love Aveda’s apricot whisper blush palette, which not only will leave you looking sweet and sun-kissed, but smelling softly of flowers. To leave your lips looking naturally kissable, we recommend a satin-finish lipstick like mulberry or rose jicama.

If you want to particularly accentuate your lips, downplay the rest of your makeup and use a bright lip tone, like guava or lychee. Regardless, this look is based on a more simple, effortless look, so don’t overwhelm your face with too much makeup, but you ARE allowed to do more than your average weekend date cuteness. To finish the look, we recommend either tussled, beachy hair or a fun high-pony to clinch that natural-beauty effect.



Want to give some va-va-voom? This look will have people doing double-takes as you walk by! A smoky eye can add a hint of mystery to any face. We love the black tulip palette from Aveda to bring some intensity to your date. It’s important to note that a black smoky eye isn’t for everyone. If you’ve had some issues with black smoky eyes in the past, we recommend gobi sands, a more neutral palette that still offers your eye plenty of smoky drama.

Pair your smoky eye with a bold red lip if you want the sultriest of sultry looks. We recommend goji, jujube, or cana. Get to know what works best for your particular features. If you have big lips or big eyes, it may be better to emphasize one feature over the other. Give your hair some voluminous, loose curls to achieve that sexy bombshell look.



If you like a sweet and simple look that still gives that extra Valentine’s Day oomph, this one’s for you! You want to appeal to your personal eye color. To our brown-eyed girls, we recommend you take advantage of your ability to rock a bold shadow. The violet bloom or azure rain palettes are both great options to accomplish a dramatic smoky eye. Blue and green-eyed ladies, unfortunately, you don’t have as much wiggle-room when it comes to color.

The goal is to have the natural color of your eyes be the main focus rather than the color of your shadow.  Blue eyes pair great with the copper haze palette and green eyes with sweet grass. We recommend a lip glaze like kimi fig or wineberry for a glossy, shiny finish. This timeless look matches great with a smooth, volumized blow-out, Velcro roller curls, or a romantic chignon side bun.

Unsure if you can achieve these looks alone? Make an appointment for style and makeup with us. We do color-matching and styling, so you don’t have to! If you aren’t up for smoothing and pinning and tucking and blending—we are here for you.


Special thanks to our stylist Karla for these carefully crafted look ideas! Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @hair.by.karla.