Blue Eyeshadow– it seems the 80s are back and brighter than ever. Bright blue eyeshadow is big this season. To achieve the look, check out AVEDA’s Blue Dawn and Azure Rain eyeshadow colors. Just be careful. If you’ve dug up any old photos from your teen years, you may proceed with caution the second time around.

Red Lips– well this is a trend started by Taylor Swift that is just not going away. AVEDA offers some stunning red lip colors, including Poppy, Cherrybud, or Maracuja.

Glitter is Back!- if your eyeshadow is stuck in the 80s, the rest of your skin might find its way to the 90s. Oversize sparkle makes a bold, fun statement for a night out.

Twister Sister– braids have evolved this season into a simplified version- a twist. But if you still love the look of a clean braid, not to worry this is still huge too.

Go French– the classic French manicure has returned.

Let it Go– just like the song that none of us can get out of our heads, this spring’s hair trend is all about embracing whatever it is you have going on- just let it be- whether your hair is straight or curly or something in between.