2019 is right around the corner and it’s time to step up your beauty game! If you don’t know where to start, we are here to help. From pastel hair to bitten lips, there are a lot of fun trends to try out in the upcoming year.


  1. Be Bold, Go Pastel


The pastel trend is here to stay! From rose gold to lavender-blue to unicorn hair, people have been experimenting with bold colors for the past couple of years. Aveda released a limited-edition Congress Pink that is an intense hot pink to use for a deep pastel, soft pastel or vibrant pink, which we have in our salon.

If you are too scared to go bold right away, we suggest trying a more muted color such as rose gold or an icy blonde.


  1. Shine Bright


Glitter is everywhere right now – literally and figuratively. Well, it never really went away. Whether it’s eyeshadow, highlighter, eyeliner or lip gloss, you can put a pop of glitter anywhere on your face. We suggest being bold and giving yourself a glitter cat eye or taking a subtler approach and putting some shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes and on your brow bones.


  1. Textured ‘Cool Girl’ Bob


Thanks to Dua Lipa, a textured ‘cool girl’ bob is all the rage right now and will continue to gain popularity in the new year. A textured bob is the perfect way to rock it without looking like an old lady. Keeping the texture unruly is key for this hairstyle.


  1. Your Face is Glowing


A fresh face will never go out of style. This natural, glowing look can be achieved by moisturizing, pulling your hair out of your face and highlighting your cheekbones. The point of this trend is to look like you just got back from a facial, which can be achieved by, shocker, getting a facial!


  1. Hair Accessory Galore


The 90’s are making a comeback! We are talking butterfly clips, fancy barrettes and all of the headbands. Hair accessories are not only for elevating your hair game but are for convenience as well. We are loving minimalist hair clips for keeping the hair out of your face and using a sassy scarf as a headband alternative.


  1. The Wet-Hair Look


While this look is usually seen on the red carpet or on runways, we love it and are encouraging everyone to try it at least once. Achieving the perfect wet-hair look may be intimidating to some, but replicating it is actually easier than it looks. Just start with dry waves, add a ton of oil, and voila – you’re a Kardashian!

  1. Big Brows & Long Lashes


Big brows and long lashes are not going anywhere. We agree with Southern Livingwhen they say “a well-shaped brow is an unbeatable accessory that if executed correctly, can transform your daily makeup routine into a striking work of art.” The same goes with eyelashes – long, thick eyelashes, with the help of falsies, can help you achieve a show-stopping look.


Psst – Be on the lookout for some fun things with brows coming from Aveda next year!


  1. Bitten Lips


The bitten lip trend comes from South Korea and “refers to lips that have been stained with a natural dose of color that usually fades towards the edges,” says Glowsly. This ultra-feminine look is a subtle way of wearing lipstick while making a statement simultaneously.


  1. Low Maintenance Bangs


Bangs can be daunting, but boy, they can change your hair for the better! We recommend getting long, low maintenance bangs for your 2019 hairstyle. Longer bangs are easy to style – push them to one side, slick them back, sweep them forward – you decide.



  1. The Messy Bun


There’s nothing like a messy bun, high or low, to make you look effortlessly beautiful. This type of bun is easy and looks great with most face shapes. The ideal time for a messy bun is summertime, but we aren’t opposed to seeing it earlier!



All of us at Ivy are looking forward to trying these trends in 2019! Which one of these trends are you most excited to try? Did we miss anything? Let us know by messaging us on Facebookor Instagram!