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Recently I have been feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be part of the aveda brand. I was lucky enough to discover aveda at the very beginning of my career –– literally the first job I got out of beauty school. I was an assistant at Svengali’s and, while shampooing hundreds of heads, fell in love with the products. To this day when I smell Toning Mist, I am immediately transported back to my 20s. As I learned more about the company, I was drawn to their passion to create a sustainable brand that would leave a legacy on the world.

Similarly, when I started Ivy, I was hoping to create a sustainable salon –– a place where hairstylists could build a career and have opportunity to grow.

As the years have gone by, my passion for this company and all that it stands for has only grown. Aveda continues to standby its mission and never forgets its purpose. Recently aveda was recognized by the United Nations during their Nature for Life summit for its work across the world on clean water initiatives, sustainability and more.

None of this would be at all possible without YOU, our incredible guests who make these world-changing, decades-long partnerships possible. Aveda is able to change lives because of each one of you.

Read this month’s blog where we wanted to remind you about the aveda difference and just a handful of the programs that you are supporting and again express our humble gratitude to every single one of you for supporting these causes.