Did you know that right here at Ivy we have one of AVEDA’s Purefessionals on our team? Kate McAlister is an AVEDA certified instructor- meaning she travels the country to teach other stylists, salons and aspiring professionals about the latest in hair color. We picked her brain a bit about all things hair:

What makes AVEDA color better than all the rest? Most hair color is like nail polish- you see a color/shade you like and you buy it. Every single person that walks out of an AVEDA salon had a color that was completely customized just for them. There is no “buy off the shelf” AVEDA color- every single one is custom created, and the color options are unlimited.

What are the latest trends in hair? From a color standpoint, people are now looking for that perfect I just colored my hair 10 minutes ago look- a detour from where we’ve been the past few years when it was considered a badge of honor to have 10-inch roots. The ribbon trend is huge right now, too. This industry isn’t really revolutionary like the fashion industry; hair styles are more evolutionary- slowly changing over time but often progressing along the same grid. We went from pin straight Jennifer Aniston hair to perfectly styled Kardashian curls and now we’re somewhere more natural.

Tell us your favorite AVEDA products of all time. Confixor styling gel, Tulasara firming sleep masque, Invati thickening foam.