Meet Our Team

At Ivy Salon, each one of our uniquely talented stylists are professionally and personally developed to learn the culture of our salon to complement their own personal creativity to better serve our guests. To become an Ivy Stylist, each licensed cosmetologist will have completed Ivy’s training program along with AVEDA color training. Ivy is fortunate to have Kate McAlister on staff as a certified AVEDA Color Educator. Stylists spend multiple years in each tier and promotions are based on in-salon performance as well as education.

At our core, we value and honor our team as the most important resource for caring for our guests.

Premier Stylist

Rosie Maederer

“I’ve always loved all things hair”

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Michelle Porterfield

“My drive is to make women feel and look good on a daily basis”

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Elite Stylist




Cara Horrach Morales

“I strive to get to know my clients and leave a positive impact on them”

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Kate McAlister

“I’m in love with Aveda and have a number of products I can’t live without”

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Kate Smith

“I always knew my dream job was to be a stylist”

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Senior Stylist


Paige Atria

Formerly a client, I love getting to know the guests and recreating my own experience at Ivy Salons

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Vanessa Leopard

“Honesty, integrity, and putting other first are the values that drive me”

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Alex Parrot

“I’ve been obsessed with hair and making people feel pretty since I was a kid”

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Tuesday Pruitt

“Faith and family are my top priorities. By keeping those things first, everything else falls into place.”

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Abigail Shope

“I’m driven by family and my love for others” 

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Heather Tracy

“Family is highly important to me: both my own and the family I’ve gained at Ivy”

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Kelsey Turner

“I enjoy getting to know my clients and using my creativity to help them feel better about themselves”

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Karla Eschmann

“Doing hair has always been a part of my life. I love making people feel confident.”

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Morgan McCleer

“I love being a hair stylist because I get to be creative day-to-day”

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Natalie Van Cleef

“The best part of my job is seeing clients leave the salon feeling on top of the world”

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Jessica Miller

“I love being around others and making them smile, especially after I’ve worked on their hair”

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Dreama Kees

Owner, Ivy Salons