1. Get Outside: Fresh air + sunshine = instant happy
  2. Aromatherapy: Have we told you we spray AVEDA Chakra on our pillow every night?
  3. Meditate: Just a few minutes a day goes a long way to peacefulness
  4. Eat more fruit & veggies: A good excuse to plant your own garden
  5. Read a good book. Simple as that.
  6. Declutter: I know, doesn’t it feel like we just did that?
  7. Sleep better: Did you know your room should be 65 degrees for ideal sleep?
  8. Retail Therapy: seriously, a new pair of jeans or perfume could be just the pick-up you need.
  9. Unplug: Put down the phone, repeat: put down the phone.
  10. Get out of town: A change of scenery- a quick getaway, even a day trip to experience somewhere new
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