One item you can’t live without: 
In our house divided, Game-Day Jerseys absolutely MUST be worn! You have to stay strong and represent your team! – Kelsey
Pack plenty of:Sunscreen– running out is a fast way to turn a fun afternoon into a painful regret! Apply before you go out, and every two hours you’re playing in the sun. – Monica
It wouldn’t be a tailgate without:
Fried Chicken
– it’s easy and a team pleaser! Everyone digs in and we never have leftovers – Jenn

Always, always:
Dress Your Vehicle In Style! Fly your colors, hang that tail, apply plenty of magnets … liberally! – Rosie

Go-to gameday style:
Keep Hair Out of Your Face with a simple braid back to a pony or bun! No reason to not be cute just because it’s hot – a team colored hairband is always a hairdo MUST! – Alex.