“Athleisure” isn’t going away- but the best part is that designers are making this once-sloppy look more tailored and put together. We aren’t limited to plain black yoga pants anymore. Now, there are all kinds of prints and fashionable tops that will leave others assuming you’re dressed for a lunch meeting when you’re actually heading to the gym.

And, if you are heading to the gym, your hair should be up, of course. A high pony tail or topknot will do just fine.

The 80’s are back and even bigger than the first time- think puffy sleeves, dramatic ruffles and over the top glam.

Glitter is also back – on your eyes and on your lips. Go ahead and raid your tween’s room for this one.

Tangerine-orange might be the “it” makeup color of the season. It was seen on eyes, lips, cheeks, and nails. Try AVEDA’s “Cana” Nourishmint Smoothing Lip Color.

The bigger the bags, the bigger the earrings. Oversize bags AND earrings are everywhere.

So if your accessories are bigger, your braids should be smaller. Micro plaits add a soft-boho-like glamour to any look. Visit our Braid Bar for tips and how-tos.