Patience S.

Ivy Downtown

“I have a natural affinity for hairstyling, which I attribute to my upbringing.”

Born in Liberia, Africa, Patience was immersed in a household where her mother excelled as both a hairstylist and dressmaker. She, of course, grew up watching her mother’s craftsmanship while also gaining a love for hair and fashion, herself. When she was 2 years old, her mom started teaching her how to braid hair. Since then, she knew that’s what she wanted to do. “I don’t have many memories from my time in Africa, but I have these memories with my mom that I will always cherish.” These memories are why she loves being a hairstylist because it gives her the opportunity to make all her guest feel beautiful and special as her mom did with her clients. Her favorite Aveda product is Volumizing Tonic because it gives the perfect amount of volume. Fun fact: Patience is 1 out 10 kids in her family!