We all may have wanted to protest the groundhog’s decision but, no matter how you count it, there are still six more weeks of winter regardless of how many times the sun shines and temperatures climb close to 70 degrees.

There was a movie back in the early ’90s centered on this silly tradition but there was a theme in the movie that I find very relevant- especially this time of year.

We all get into a rut every now and then, and every day can feel like Groundhog Day – we get up, get dressed, style our hair and makeup, go to work, come home, make dinner, go to bed and repeat.

So, here’s my Groundhog Day-Inspired challenge to each of you: SHAKE THINGS UP! Try a new hairstyle, a new lipstick; mix it up a bit.

Below we’ve shared our favorite trends from the Spring runways to give you some inspiration…. because, even though there are still technically six more weeks of winter, there’s no better time to get a jumpstart on spring!