Every year, the summer seems to get shorter and shorter. Maybe it’s because of our lifestyles, we’re always on-the-go, planning ahead, and forgetting to be present. Time just slips away!

But there are certain moments- tiny moments- that seem to happen every summer that make time stand still. Even if just for a second.

For me those are:

  • Spotting fireflies twinkling in the blackness of night
  • Hearing the melodic chimes as the ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood for the first time
  • Watching the late afternoon storm clouds roll in from my porch
  • Biting into a giant peach and letting the juices drip down my face


Even as an adult, summer can be magical as long as we choose to stop and smell the roses every now and then. There are only 93 days of summer so stay up later than you should, eat all the ice cream you want and make every day count.