A few years back, someone started a new trend of coming up with a single word that would define the New Year. Rather than a resolution, you choose a word that should represent your goals and hopes for 2016- a word that is personal and evokes something- a word you can live by. For every person, it is something different. Something you are hoping to work on, or focus on more.

I have decided my 2016 word is present. I want to be present at all times; live in the moment. I see so many people who never look up from their phones. I fall victim to it every now and then. There are days I find myself checking social media rather than having a conversation with my kids who are sitting right next to me. Life is happening all around us, and sometimes we are so busy we forget to notice. So – I’m telling you first- I will be more present in 2016.

As for Team Ivy, here is Team Ivy in One Word in 2016:

Jenn – Appreciate
Jayma – Discover
Kelsey – Ambition
Kate S. – Grace
Cara – Invest
Paige A. – Faith
Michelle – Purpose
Andrea – Simplify
Tuesday – Trust
Mary Carol – Joy
Celeste – Growth
Heather – Thrive
Bri – Celebrate
Kate M. – Patience
Paige S. – Intention
Abigail – Stressless
Dani – Release
Alex – Flourish

What will your word be?