Every year around this time I reflect a bit on my life, my family, my business and the people I’m surrounded by every single day.

Over the past year, four of Ivy’s team members have had babies — two of those are first-time moms. It always brings me so much joy to see how babies change people: the “instant happy” a baby can bring to any room and, best of all, the beautiful glow of a new mom.

I myself can’t help but think about my own baby who is finishing up her junior year in high school. At this time next year, McKenna will graduate and go off into the world.

Mother’s Day and Graduation are always my favorite times of the year because often we at Ivy get to share in these momentous life occasions with you in some small way. We get to be part of your milestones, watch your babies become grownups, and celebrate right there with you.

This is a special time of year and we’re thrilled to play a small role in these major life occasions with you.