This winter has been funny. Even though “spring” is not technically until March 20, spring has been in the air for much of the last few months. (Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE living in the South?)

Fashion and beauty trends- which are driven by the “season” – are often hard to take literally when it’s 75 degrees in February and the trends say faux fur is hot. What many people outside the fashion world don’t realize is that the high intensity looks we see on the runways each season (think dramatic eye makeup, hairstyles, and larger than life dresses) are meant for inspiration.┬áMany of those looks are never intended to be worn in real life- simply to create a bigger conversation and set trends.

If five designers send big floral prints down the runway, it becomes a trend. If six designers braid their models’ hair, braids are deemed a trend. If it seems like every model is wearing bright red lipstick this spring, you guessed it… you should be wearing bright red lipstick. Below we’ve outlined this Spring’s biggest fashion and beauty trends – but remember- just because spring doesn’t start until March 20, that doesn’t mean you can’t start trying them out now.