Let’s hear it for the boys! All month long, we are celebrating the men in our lives. After all, who would take out the trash, kill the spiders, and fix the garbage disposal for us without complaining?

That’s right, this month we are saying THANK YOU to the men in our lives for always tackling our honey-do lists with a smile.

As someone who has been in the salon world for decades, it’s fun for me to watch how men are truly embracing their own skincare and health care like never before.

Appearance is just as important to men as it is to women, so it’s no wonder that men have finally started taking better care of themselves, too.

Even though this month we’re paying special attention to the men, we actually do it all year long here at Ivy.

AVEDA recognizes that men’s skin and scalp are different than women’s, so they should be treated differently too. At Ivy, we pride ourselves in our customized, quality experiences that we offer men, as well as women. After all, we all deserve a nice scalp massage with some aromatherapy every once in a while.