This was definitely one of the hottest summers South Carolina has seen in a long time. Not that I didn’t enjoy the long days, countless ice teas and more trips to the pool than I can count, but the heat was pretty unbearable at times.

The sun doesn’t just take a toll on our bodies (I hope you wore your sunscreen every day!) but our hair, too. Chances are after spending time outside this summer, your hair is noticeably lighter and longer, but it’s likely also weaker, drier and more brittle. We remember to take care of our skin, so why not our hair? Never fear! We can help undo some of that damage. Though like anything, prevention is the best medicine, your Ivy specialist is here to help replenish your strands and bring them back to a healthy state.

Speaking of skin care, AVEDA is introducing some amazing new products this month that are proving incredible results. The Tulasara line is designed to reinvigorate your skin and help restore it at an accelerated rate. We’ll tell you more about all the amazing new products next month.

Until then, stay cool!