I LOVE awards season. Does anyone else get as excited about a red carpet as I do? I spend all day mulling about until it’s finally time to turn on E!, snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn and watch Hollywood’s biggest stars pose for the cameras dripping in diamonds.

I look forward to seeing what each celebrity is going to wear from head to toe. Every single part of their look is carefully decided by a team of stylists and I just love to take it all in. Personally I love to give my opinions right at the television- yelling when they got it wrong and cheering when they look just perfect.

It’s amazing how important a cohesive look is- the wrong hairstyle can completely ruin an otherwise beautiful dress, and dramatic makeup can take an otherwise boring look and transform it to something spectacular.

This month is the culmination of awards season- with the Grammys on February 15 and the Oscars on February 28. Below we’ve got some ideas to throw your own at-home viewing party AND we highlight some of our favorite beauty looks from the first awards of the season this year- the Golden Globes.