One of my favorite things about living in the South is football season. Football isn’t just about football down here- it’s about being part of something, a community where we all understand each other and all work together towards a common goal.

Fall is full of sports for our family – and with two seniors, each game counts! Whether cheering as a team mom in the bleachers for McKenna as she plays on the LaCross team, or spending Saturdays tailgating with my Tigers at Death Valley, I look forward to this season, knowing these are moments I will never get back.

I know many of you feel the same way. Tailgating is no joke and style is just as important as the Frito nacho bar options. Many of us will get up early to start preparing for game day, and fussing over our hair isn’t a priority. AVEDA Texture Tonic has saved me HOURS of just waking up, tousling my hair and heading to the kitchen to start cooking. What’s your game day style secret?