I’ve been thinking a lot lately about wellness. When was the last time you took time for yourself- an hour or two just to relax- no chores, no activities, just pure “me time”?

We live in such a fast-paced social world where we are always thinking ahead and often find it hard to live in the moment- let alone just stop and breathe and take a minute for ourselves.

I find I have my greatest a-ha moments, as Oprah likes to say, when my mind is totally clear. I know everyone differs on where their big epiphanies happen, but I also know that the big a-ha often happens when we are most relaxed and I’m thrilled to let you know that Spa is back at Ivy!

Ivy will begin offering spa treatments on September 9th so book your appointment today and get ready for some “me time”! Oh and to celebrate, for the month of September, we will be offering 1,000 pure privilege bonus points with any spa service of $50 or more.┬áHere’s to many, many a-ha moments!