This month we celebrate love and more of us will go out for a date night to mark the occasion than any other time of year. If you’re planning a night on the town, come by Ivy Salons for a little pick-me-up. Whether it’s a new style or a simple blowout, we love being part of your special occasions.

And, while love is in the air, it’s cold air! Even though it’s been one of the mildest winters I can remember, that doesn’t mean the cold won’t affect you. Days when temperatures are freezing can wreak havoc on our skin and hair.

Do you notice your skin is much drier, more brittle? The heat is to blame! Lower your thermostat at night to help with dry skin.

If you notice your skin is itchy, commonly known as “winter’s itch”, it’s probably lacking moisture. Moisturize twice a day- lather on some AVEDA Cherry Almond Body Lotion. Your skin will soak it up.

Is your hair noticeably drier? It’s tempting to make the water warmer – especially when it’s cold- but hot water will damage your hair (not to mention hot water also helps “winter’s itch” creep up!)


AVEDA recently launched a brand-new hair care line, nutriplenishTM, that hydrates and moisturizes your hair. Try the nutriplenishTM leave-in conditioner as a remedy to dry hair. It’s lightweight and replenishes your hair for 72 hours while detangling and protecting it from styling.

Be gentle on your skin- exfoliate less and switch to a gentle face wash like AVEDA’s botanical kinetics™ purifying gel cleanser.

Remember to take care and love yourself this month! Your skin and hair will thank you come spring.