We asked Team Ivy to share who their favorite teacher is and why.  Here’s what they shared!

Mr. Hooker, my 3rd grade teacher called me “Princess” and STILL does when he sees me in the grocery store! For me, it was feeling seen and special that made such a difference … that he knew all his students so well and still does!

– Hannah, Downtown




My middle school assistant librarian lent me her personal copy of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” when the library wasn’t carrying it. It made me feel special that she noticed my interests and helped feed my love of reading!

– Kate, Eastside




I’d say Dreama is my favorite teacher, because she opened the door to a career I love, and she taught passionately … which creates a positive space in which we can nurture our guests and all thrive!

– Abigail, Downtown




Mrs. Owens, my 8th grade teacher took the time to really push me; to make sure that I understood (& completed!) the assignments. That extra attention made all the difference!

– Gracie, Guest Care