Summer is in its peak and we here at Ivy Salon hope you are enjoying the long, sunny days! While we all love to sun bathe and enjoy the nice weather, we should be mindful that sun damage is real and can have a major effect on our skin and hair. We’ve all laid out for too long and developed a painful, red sunburn. Here are some of our tips on how to care for your skin and un-do sun damage. 


Get out of the sun 

If you are still outside baking in the sun, get indoors or under an umbrella. If your skin is burned, you need to help cool it down as quickly as possible. Relaxing in the shade or taking a cool bath will help to cool off your skin and begin the healing process. 



If you have a sunburn, your skin is dried out and is desperate for hydration. Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Masque is an oil-free masque that hydrates and cools skin, providing soothing relief from dryness, stress and exposure to the elements. Rosewater helps tone and refresh skin and the product is aroma-free. Tip: You can use this anywhere, not just your face! Don’t be afraid to apply this product liberally. 


Don’t forget your lips 

Your lips can get sunburned too! Try Aveda’s Lip Saver—it is a soothing, moisturizing balm containing naturally derived waxes and delivers lasting moisture relief to dry lips. 


Revitalize your skin 

If you have years of sun damage affecting your skin, you’ll want to find a product that tones and brightens. Aveda’s Tulasara Bright Concentrate has licorice root extract to reduce the appearance of discoloration, providing a more even looking skin tone. This is helpful in combating sun spots. 



Protect your hair 

Did you know that your hair can burn from extreme sun exposure, just like your skin? Many people do not protect or treat their hair in the same way that they treat their skin after a sunburn. Your hair can still be damaged by the sun. If your hair needs some major TLC, Aveda’s Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque might be for you. The tamanu oil and organic coconut oil moisturize sun-exposed hair. You can also stop by Ivy Salon and experience the Botanical damage treatment that fortifies and rejuvenates your hair post-sun exposure.  


We encourage you to always have fun in the sun but it’s important to be mindful to reapply your sunscreen and find some shade if you’re spending your day outdoors. Take care of yourself and show some self-love when it comes to your skin and hair.