The Snacks: Make your living room into a movie theatre with a basket of movie-size candy boxes: Mike & Ikes, Raisinets, Reese’s Pieces, Sour Patch Kids and of course, you must have popcorn!

Roll out a Red Carpet: Some red tablecloths will do the trick – cut them in half to make a narrow walkway and tape down to the floor as the entrance to your home. Add some gold or silver stars for a Walk of Fame.

Get Dressed Up: If there is ever a time to host a black-tie party, this is it. Invite your friends to come dressed to the nines- and give out fun awards for Best Hair, Best Manicure, Best Shoes, and more.

Bubbles: You can’t have an Oscar party without some festive drinks! Use edible glitter to rim your champagne glasses (dip in lemon juice or a simple syrup first.)

Cast Your Vote: You can print out Oscar ballots online and have everyone fill them out. Have a prize (a gift certificate to the movies perhaps?) for the person who gets the most right.


Ivy Beauty Awards from The Golden Globes:
Our Picks for the Best of the Night

Best Natural Look- Red carpet newbie Alicia Vikander looked clean, fresh and youthful without trying too hard. The dewy-fresh glow on her face looks perfect for such a glamorous affair.

Best Eyes– We’re not saying we love Eva Longoria’s dress- but her makeup artist did a great job with the smoky eye look while not trying to overdo it anywhere else. Bonus points for keeping the lip a simple, natural looking light pink.


Best Sleek Hair– Sophia Bush’s side swept pony is a classic style that always looks great on the red carpet. Her overall look is simple and elegant. Perfection.


Best Lips– Very few celebrities dare to match their lipstick to their dress for fear of looking a bit clown-like but Emmy Rossum nailed it. By keeping everything else simple (including the dress) and letting the diamond necklace do all the talking, she hits a home run.


Best Overall– Viola Davis is proof that when your styling team works together, the look is fierce. Everything from her hair to her lipstick to her eye makeup to her gown create a cohesive, gorgeous red carpet moment.