A new year is the perfect time to try a new “do”, especially a trendy new “do.” Over the years, we’ve seen hair trends make comebacks and evolve into newer versions of classic styles. We think we’ve seen some of 2020’s hair trends in the past, but not quite like this, and we are loving it! We’re predicting some of 2020’s most popular hairstyles to be newer, more glamorous styles of the past.

One style we’re seeing making a sleek comeback is the women’s shag. This evolved version of the shag is chic, full of layers and wispy bangs, and it’s much softer and very flattering. Typically, we’ve seen this shag about shoulder-length with layers galore. If you’re feeling like you need a fresh cut for the new year, give the modern shag a try.

Kate Smith, one of our Elite Stylists at Ivy Downtown says, “I think the shag with tons of layers and textures will continue to be popular in 2020, and I feel like bangs are making a comeback, too.”

Another look we’ve loved over the years that isn’t disappearing anytime soon, is the classic, blunt bob. Many women are opting for this polished bob because it’s easy to style and perfect for the professional woman. This look is especially flattering for ladies with fine hair, because the blunt bob gives the appearance of a lot of hair with thick, healthy ends. We think this haircut makes a powerful statement, so if you want to make a power move in 2020, this cut is for you!

This next trend took last year by storm, but it’s still going strong, and we love it. Now is the perfect time to spice up your hair routine with accessories if you’re in a bit of a rut. From headbands and giant hair clips to scarves and scrunchies, the sky’s the limits with hair accessories in 2020. We’ve seen scarves braided into loose braids, and headbands styled with updo’s. Scrunchies can add that extra “oomph” to an otherwise plain ponytail, and clips can go anywhere from the back of the head to above the ears. If you have some adorable hair accessories but aren’t exactly sure how to style them, let one of our stylists give you some suggestions during your appointment!

For men’s haircuts, we’ve definitely seen more bold looks and we can’t get enough! “This past year, I’ve seen men asking for more specific haircuts and choosing cuts that they like, instead of just keeping the same look. I hope that continues to be the case in 2020!” says Kate Smith, Elite Stylist, Ivy Downtown.

We know what you might be thinking… How could we endorse the mullet?  Now hear us out… the mullet that we’ve seen making a comeback is much more sophisticated and striking than it has been in the past. If done right, the mullet can indeed be pulled off in 2020. The trendy men’s mullet is well-managed and styled with a good amount of product to give volume and texture. If the man in your life has always wanted to bring the mullet back, 2020 is the year.

At Ivy Salon, we want you to rock a hairstyle this year that you’ll love! Give us a call today to book your appointment. We’d love to see you!