When the humidity starts to normalize, I notice a distinct change in my skin – especially on my hands and feet – and it seems to occur overnight! Does this ever happen to you? This is my signal to start a more regular, intense skin nourishing regime. Aveda products naturally help me combat the dry flakiness, and (bonus!), they are free of parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde, paraffin, lanolin and synthetic fragrance.

Starting with my hands, a few times a day I lather on Aveda’s Hand Relief (shop here), which is so rich and creamy, it deeply moisturizes my skin (I even dab a bit on my heels as I head out for my day). The Andiroba oil sinks right in and leaves my hands soft and smooth, but not greasy.

And, we all know that skin care serums are the current go to, but have you ever tried a serum for your hands? We tend to forget that our hands show the signs of aging just like our face and décolleté. At the salon, we love Aveda’s Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum (shop here) – it’s just amazing. Not only does it smooth the look of fine lines on your hands, it improves the texture while you sleep – awesome! I love something that works for me while I rest.

Speaking of hands and feet, have you tried using a nightly foot cream? Aveda’s Foot Relief (shop here) is a best seller and for good reason. A moisturizing crème that contains fruit acids that exfoliate and oils to soften and smooth dry feet, it also contains peppermint oil and tea tree oil to cool and invigorate – something that feels so wonderful after a long, busy day.

I’ve found that making a few adjustments in my daily routine really helps keep my dehydrated skin under control! These recommendations from the Mayo Clinic can also help:

  • Avoid harsh, drying soaps. It’s best to use cleansing creams, gentle skin cleansers, and bath/shower gels with added moisturizers. Choose mild soaps that have added oils and fats. Avoid deodorant and antibacterial detergents, fragrance, and alcohol.


  • Apply moisturizers immediately after bathing. Gently pat your skin dry with a towel so that some moisture remains. Within a couple of minutes after bathing, apply a moisturizing cream or an ointment to trap moisture in your skin.


  • Use a humidifier. Hot, dry, indoor air can parch sensitive skin and worsen itching and flaking. A portable home humidifier or one attached to your furnace adds moisture to the air inside your home. Be sure to keep your humidifier clean.


  • Choose fabrics that are kind to your skin. Natural fibers, such as cotton and silk, allow your skin to breathe. But wool, although natural, can irritate even normal skin. Wash your clothes with detergents without dyes or perfumes, both of which can cause irritation.

    Contact us at either Ivy Salon to help you craft a plan of attack for dry skin. We want to help you keep that glow…

    Enjoy these autumn days!

    Cheers, Dreama