Back to You™

Feel like yourself again with our specialty service for those experiencing hair loss.

Ivy Salon’s Back to You™ service is dedicated to those who experience hair loss due to a medical condition. As the only certified stylists in South Carolina, Ivy Salons’ professionals understand what you’re going through and strive to help you look and feel like yourself again by providing consultations, styling, and tips on how to take care of your brand-new alternative hair piece.

The initial Back to You™ consultation is complimentary. The consultation allows us to find the most flattering hairpiece for you, a process which can be done before or after you experience hair loss. After you have decided on the right style for you, Ivy Salons’ professionals will help you order the alternative hair that meets your needs and budget.* Your new hairpiece will ship directly to the salon where we can ensure the perfect fit, taking care of any additional cutting or coloring as necessary. We will walk you through all the tips of how to care for your new hair and best extend the life of your piece!

Here at Ivy, you matter, so we want you to leave our salon feeling like yourself.

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*When a cranial prosthesis (hairpiece) is prescribed due to medical-related hair loss, you may be eligible for reimbursement from your health insurance provider. Our partner, Back to You™, can help you submit the request for reimbursement. 

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Certified Stylists



Kate McAlister

License: 72061

“I stumbled into hairstyling when I found I not only had a knack for hair, but also a knack for people! I’ve watched guests struggle with hair loss, and Back to You lets me go beyond a new cut or color and offer a completely new way for a guest to feel their best.”

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Paige Atria

License: 73014

“I look forward to coming to work every day knowing that guests get to leave with a boost of confidence after their visit. Back to You has given me another avenue to restore confidence to guests and ensure they feel incredible about themselves!”

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Michelle Porterfield

License: 58987

“My drive is to make women feel and look good on a daily basis. Back to You helps me address medical hair loss in a way that a doctor cannot. Guests come to me as their beauty expert and I’m able to help with finding a solution that is right for them!”

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Heather Tracy

License: 78528

“I’ve known since I was young that I wanted to do hair and have a hand in making people feel AND look good. I care for guests as if they were my own family and Back to You allows me to address the devastating struggle of hair loss. I want each guest to feel their best!”

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Kate Smith

License: 69414

“I always knew my dream job was to be a stylist and I feel fortunate to get to exercise my talents on a daily basis! It is hard to see guests struggle with hair loss, so I love being able to offer a solution with Back to You!”

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Morgan McCleer

 License: 69579

“I love being a hair stylist because I get to be creative day-to-day. With Back to You, I can use my creativity to help each guest achieve their desired look and go beyond the struggles of medical hair loss!”

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Karla Eschmann

License: 69678

“Doing hair has always been a part of my life and I still love it today, I love making people feel confident and beautiful, but also building relationships with guests and playing a positive role in their lives! Back to You is another way I can care for guests and help make a difference, particularly for those struggling with hair loss.”

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Kelsey Turner

License: 77022

“I enjoy getting to know my guests and using my creativity to help them feel better about themselves! For guests struggling with hair loss, Back to You allows me to offer a solution I can be confident my guests will love.”

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Natalie Van Cleef

 License: 81433

“The best part of my job is seeing guests leave the salon feeling on top of the world. Back to You allows me to restore what a guest sees in the mirror and be part of truly changing a guest’s entire outlook!”

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Cara Horrach Morales

 License: 72208

“I pride myself in getting to know guests on a deeper level and having the opportunity to empower the women around me. I strive to leave a positive impact, so working with Back to You, I’m able to uplift a guest struggling with medical hair loss!”

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Dreama Kees

Owner, Ivy Salons

License: 24198

“I am constantly amazed by the opportunities my career has afforded me to benefit others. Back to You is a completely different way that I can help guests love what they see in the mirror!”