What’s In Now?

What’s In Now?

It’s ok if you have absolutely NO IDEA what’s in fashion anymore given most of us spent the past year in an oversized t-shirt and yoga pants. In fact, all I know is that apparently skinny jeans are no longer in style. So, what is trending now? Well, a lot of things you might remember from the early 2000s. Here are the ones we love best:

  • Sheer: When done tastefully, sheer layers can be elegant and classy. Just be sure to snap a photo (with a flash) before you leave the house to double check yourself and avoid any red carpet faux-pas.
  • Puffy Sleeves: A little volume goes along way when it comes to sleeves. Plus it’s one of the only things people actually see on your Zoom calls. Make it count.
  • Pastels: Mix and match all the pretty colors for a cotton candy dream look or stay monochrome. Either way we are loving this palate.
  • Wide Leg Trousers: Ok, so we aren’t giving away our skinny jeans yet (sorry Gen Z), but wide leg trousers are one of those closet staples that always look fresh and put together.

Small Ways to Find More Time

Small Ways to Find More Time

  • Make More Time for Yourself by Cutting Down on Non-Essential Activities: Do you know how much time you waste on social media? Try deleting some apps from your phone and see how much you can cut down on your own non-essential screen time and focus that energy on something you’ll actually enjoy like meditating, baking, gardening or going for a walk.


  • Make Your Me-Time a Habit so You Commit to It Each Week: I have friends that schedule their yoga classes the same way they would a meeting or Zoom call at work. It guarantees that they are carving out their me-time. Whatever makes you happy and helps you clear your mind for a while- schedule it!


  • Gain More Personal Time by Grouping Related Tasks: Pay all your bills once a week. Do all the laundry on a designated day. Do all your meal planning and go grocery shopping just once a week. Efficiency is the key to gaining more me-time.
Spring is Just Days Away!

Spring is Just Days Away!

One year later- so much has changed. It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by, but here we are again. Spring is just days away, the birds are chirping, flowers are budding. Hope is on the horizon. 

I am excited about this spring season more than ever. Greenville seems to be coming back to life: the return of baseball and Artisphere, the Saturday Market- all of the reasons we love living here- makes me eager for the future and what’s ahead. 

I won’t lie- finding the motivation to get up, get dressed, style my hair, do my makeup- it’s been hard these past few months. But, I feel like I’m getting my mojo back.

There have been countless articles about self-care during quarantine and how important it is for your overall mental health and wellbeing. If you look good, you feel good. I know for myself, the days I blowout my hair, take a few extra minutes to do my “special” makeup and style a great outfit- I feel like anything is possible. 

I know it’s hard! It can be easy to feel like you’re in a rut. If you’re feeling that way, come see us. The reason we are here is to help you look and feel your best. We want to help the only way we know how. We’ll help you put that pep back in your step just in time for spring and new beginnings. 


Take Care of Yourself 10 Ways to Practice Self Care

Take Care of Yourself 10 Ways to Practice Self Care



  1. Get Outside: Fresh air + sunshine = instant happy
  2. Aromatherapy: Have we told you we spray AVEDA Chakra on our pillow every night?
  3. Meditate: Just a few minutes a day goes a long way to peacefulness
  4. Eat more fruit & veggies: A good excuse to plant your own garden
  5. Read a good book. Simple as that.
  6. Declutter: I know, doesn’t it feel like we just did that?
  7. Sleep better: Did you know your room should be 65 degrees for ideal sleep?
  8. Retail Therapy: seriously, a new pair of jeans or perfume could be just the pick-up you need.
  9. Unplug: Put down the phone, repeat: put down the phone.
  10. Get out of town: A change of scenery- a quick getaway, even a day trip to experience somewhere new
Check out all 25 suggestions from Greatist.com
Love is in the Air!

Love is in the Air!

This month we celebrate love and more of us will go out for a date night to mark the occasion than any other time of year. If you’re planning a night on the town, come by Ivy Salons for a little pick-me-up. Whether it’s a new style or a simple blowout, we love being part of your special occasions.

And, while love is in the air, it’s cold air! Even though it’s been one of the mildest winters I can remember, that doesn’t mean the cold won’t affect you. Days when temperatures are freezing can wreak havoc on our skin and hair.

Do you notice your skin is much drier, more brittle? The heat is to blame! Lower your thermostat at night to help with dry skin.

If you notice your skin is itchy, commonly known as “winter’s itch”, it’s probably lacking moisture. Moisturize twice a day- lather on some AVEDA Cherry Almond Body Lotion. Your skin will soak it up.

Is your hair noticeably drier? It’s tempting to make the water warmer – especially when it’s cold- but hot water will damage your hair (not to mention hot water also helps “winter’s itch” creep up!)


AVEDA recently launched a brand-new hair care line, nutriplenishTM, that hydrates and moisturizes your hair. Try the nutriplenishTM leave-in conditioner as a remedy to dry hair. It’s lightweight and replenishes your hair for 72 hours while detangling and protecting it from styling.

Be gentle on your skin- exfoliate less and switch to a gentle face wash like AVEDA’s botanical kinetics™ purifying gel cleanser.

Remember to take care and love yourself this month! Your skin and hair will thank you come spring.