Grey hair, dry skin, dark spots, and wrinkles are all dreaded signs of your body’s outward display of getting older. Although aging has a negative connotation, each wrinkle, dark spot and strand of grey hair should be something we find pride in as they symbolize wisdom, experience, and fond memories.

Once we have a positive mindset and attitude, finding the right beauty products can be instrumental in reversing this process. Check out our three main tips to aging gracefully below!


  1. Going Grey… Intentionally

When adding hair color to your natural color, it is always important to remember balancing it with your skin tone. To avoid a drastic change, try a low light of what you were getting dyed before, for the most natural look.

By incorporating grey into your hair color during this transition period, you can avoid harsh lines of regrowth and slowly transition your hair into a “graceful grey”. Use Aveda’s Demi+ color line to ensure shine, versatility and speed to restore the youthful vibrancy you are looking for.


  1. Preserve Softness & Shine

Desperately trying to preserve your hair’s softness and shine? Because grey hair tends to be more course, this can be a great challenge to keeping your hair moisturized and conditioned.

Start with trying Aveda’s brilliant™ shampoo, which ensures softness, shine and a blissful aroma while washing away build-up and debris. This productis excellent for textured, course, aging hair. Pair it with Aveda’s blue malva color conditioner, which adds a silvery brightness to grey hair and neutralizes brassy tones in all shades.

Hand in hand, these two products will work together to maintain and revitalize a soft, shiny brightness to your hair.


  1. No More Wrinkles

As we are transitioning from summer to fall, time in the beating sun will be dramatically reduced, which is great news for your skin! Even if it doesn’t feel as hot outside, a daily light guard of facial SPF is never a bad idea. Your skin will thank you later!

In addition to a daily regimen of washing, cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face, certain Aveda products can help compliment these practices by targeting aging in different ways. Use Aveda’s tulasāra™ firm concentrate to firm the look of your skin and help smooth visible lines and wrinkles, a 97 percent naturally derived treatment serum.

Masks can also be a great source of everyday use, such as Aveda’s tulasāra™ wedding masque overnight. This mask works to brighten the skin overnight, leaving the skin luminous and radiant- can you say youthful glow?

Aging gracefully is hard to do, but by incorporating these tips into your normal routine, it can rewind and refresh your youthful glow!