Message From Dreama

What Are Your Essentials?

I have a teenage daughter and it’s often funny for me to listen to her when she tells me she needs something. Teenagers today often confuse the word “need” with “want”, but to tell them otherwise is nearly impossible. Have you tried telling a 17-year old that she doesn’t need the latest iPhone? 

But this got me thinking- maybe it’s not just teenagers. We all claim to have items that we just can’t live without. I couldn’t live without dry shampoo and, if you’ve ever seen me at 7 AM, I need coffee. 

At AVEDA, we consider the items that we need our “Essentials”. These must-haves are the top-rated products as chosen by YOU. This month we are celebrating 2018 and the things we just can’t live without. For every purchase of an AVEDA Essential in January or February, you’ll be entered to win ALL 8 OF THEM ($238 VALUE!). 

What are your essentials? Whether you simply must have a piece of chocolate everyday or a morning meditation session, AVEDA knows there are some things you just need. And you know what? I totally get it!


Never underestimate the power of passion.
– Eve Sawyer

More than eleven years ago, I founded Ivy from my passion to create a first-in-class salon, where the true art and professionalism of hair care could be nurtured and shared within a friendly – almost family-like – ambiance.

Ultimately, our mission at Ivy is to offer a superior salon experience, in every sense of the word. We do this by offering:

  • The region’s highest educated team of stylists whose talents we continually develop and reward;
  • AVEDA – an amazing corporate and community partner, with innovative all-natural, botanical based product lines;
  • A sense of client care with which we have served more than 4,500+ unique customers and counting.

Today, many of our clients have come to describe Ivy as a haven, a sanctuary where they can enjoy a bit of down time as we take care of them. Indeed, Ivy’s exceptional experience has become one of our hallmarks. I invite you to try Ivy today. You deserve the best, and we aim to provide it.