Ivy Is Turning Pink

One of the most rewarding experiences I have as a stylist is seeing my clients look in the mirror and feel beautiful and confident.

Over the years I’ve been honored to know some women who have had to fight to feel beautiful again after battling breast cancer. I watched as they struggled through treatments and fought hard to beat the C-monster, and some of the absolute best moments of my career have been watching those women walk back through our door, cancer-free, feeling beautiful and confident again.

This month, Ivy is turning pink and we hope you’ll help us. AVEDA’s popular BCA Hand Relief is back this year- this time in the rosemary mint aroma (!!!)  Four dollars ($4) from every bottle sold goes to cruelty-free breast cancer research. These lotions tend to go quickly- so stop in soon to get yours. 

There are a number of other awesome events in our community this month that support BCA and we thought we’d share a few with you below. Did we miss one? Let us know on our Facebook page.

We’ve all been touched somehow by breast cancer and together we can help continue the research and fight this battle together.





Never underestimate the power of passion.
– Eve Sawyer


More than eleven years ago, I founded Ivy from my passion to create a first-in-class salon, where the true art and professionalism of hair care could be nurtured and shared within a friendly – almost family-like – ambiance.


Ultimately, our mission at Ivy is to offer a superior salon experience, in every sense of the word. We do this by offering:


  • The region’s highest educated team of stylists whose talents we continually develop and reward;
  • AVEDA – an amazing corporate and community partner, with innovative all-natural, botanical based product lines;
  • A sense of client care with which we have served more than 4,500+ unique customers and counting.


Today, many of our clients have come to describe Ivy as a haven, a sanctuary where they can enjoy a bit of down time as we take care of them. Indeed, Ivy’s exceptional experience has become one of our hallmarks. I invite you to try Ivy today. You deserve the best, and we aim to provide it.